Bonjour à tous de France

I’m from southwestern France. I am a music lover for many years, looking for a system to listen to my albums that I scanned on a NAS, on my PC… The problem was to find a system that combines sound quality and my financial means that are limited. I discovered Volumio. I know nothing about computer language and I have to thank those who built this software and allow me a nice listening in an accessible way. Thanks to you I had the motivation to build my own case with pi4, screen, toric power, stop button. Have the pride of having a very personalized system without knowing much.
I use machine translation, my English is too imperfect.

Hi Pierre, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re enjoying the experience; feel free to post any questions you may still have, or just post a photo to ‘show off’ your personalised system.

P.S. Google translate is good but not perfect though; it doesn’t translate the colloquial ‘show off’ above correctly as ‘frimer’.