Bluetooth streaming

PI 2B, Volumio 2.224
Sorry if this a daft question, I am new to PI and Volumio.
If I was to add a Bluetooth dongle to my PI would V’ be able to stream music from my laptop so I can play it on my HiFi? I am currently enjoying it from my NAS over my wired network.
If it is possible, is there any particular bluetooth specification I should use, other than one that is a match to my laptop, and is there a setup guide?


Currently there is no official bluetooth support in Volumio, although there is a speaker plugin under development. Streaming by bluetooth from your laptop is a different thing though. Tbh, I don’t understand why you want to if you can already listen to the music from a NAS (I’m sure you have a reason :slight_smile:).

Thanks for the reply.
I have some music, homemade and from friends, that it would be easier to stream from my laptop rather than sort and copy to my NAS to play through V’. It is music which will change and develop so keeping track in more than place would be a headache!

I will keep an eye on the bt project and hope it develops and enlarges

Here is my guide to do this:

I had a problem with BT chip on my RPi Zero W being not detected, but managed to fix that, so i could stream sound to Volumio via Bluetooth.