Bluetooth Speakers


are any brand of Bluetooth speakers supported? Particularly for a CUBOX setup?


I have the same problem : I would like to use a bluetooth speaker with my Raspberry with Volumio.
I am following this post : … ate-guide/
Based on Wheezy and mpd, I can use my speaker.
The problem is, with the last version of volumio (1.55), bluetooth packages are different ; audio driver too (I think).
And the result is It doesn’t work.
When I want to use mpg321 on my Volumio distrib, I have an error with audio library. With mpc, I don’t see any error, but no sound.


Volumio is all about high quality audio. Bluetooth is made for speaking with high efficiency data transfer. There for Bluetooth uses rather aggressive compression and that’s why Volumio hasn’t got Bluetooth support.

you’re right, and I already heard this answer.
But I would like to use my HiFi environnement (Volumio) I used with HiFi amplifier and HiFi high Speaker to listen to Internet radio sometime.
And in this case, quality is not my main aim.
Now I use my phone to send radio to my Bluetooth Speaker, but it is not efficient : Bluetooth use too much power of the phone.
So I think, my raspberry could send Internet radio to my bluetooth speaker.
I cannot use my hiFi installation to listen to the radio (in this case), because it is not the same room, and I don’t have wire (so I use bluetooth speaker).



I also would like to be able to use Bluetooth speakers with my Volumio player. I think it is great to use volumio for high quality sound. There are other places to listen to my music besides the living room, like the garage , shop, or backyard.




c’est bien dommage qu’on ne puisse pas connecter le système Volumio avec des enceintes Bluetooth. La mise a jour avec le Raspberry 3 ne le permet toujours pas?


it is a pity that we can not connect the Volumio system with Bluetooth speakers. The update with Raspberry 3 still does not allow it?

hi there, i use volumio at home and its great!
my family loves it and we got it in different rooms. last month i built a musicplayer for a little Caravan, using a pi3 and a 7" Touchscreen. now i would like to use a Bluetooth Speaker instead of a wired one (to sit outside).
ich know its not the way volumio is thought, but isn’t there any way to built a Little plugin for this? :nerd:

Any oppinions on this from the developers?
It would really be great to be able to have volumio send audio to bluetooth speakers…

The Raspberry with Volumio is located in our corridor, and I hear music either in the kitchen or in the living room. Both devices can receive BT, and in the past I used my mobile phone to send some music to them. It would now be great to let the Raspberry do the BT job… :slight_smile:


edit: added example

Sorry, but I’m getting a bit tired of the comment about bluetooth being for lo-fi and Volumio is for hi-fi. Maybe if you let everybody who downloads it sign a declaration that only the highest quality music on the highest quality hardware is being used, it would have some substance. But this is 2017, bluetooth speakers are abundant, and lots of people want to use them as they are bloody convenient.

I have a Volumio setup in my living room with a high quality amp and enjoy the bulk of my music ‘consumption’ there. I plan to replace the Logitech box in my bedroom with a Volumio setup, using Logitech THX speakers. For my study/small gym, I want a Volumio box too. But there I want to use Bluetooth speakers, so I can pick them up and use then in the bathroom when I take a shower. I hope this is allowed according to the rules of Approved Volumio Use :wink:

I do have a cunning plan however. Volumio doesn’t need to know I’m using bluetooth. There are bluetooth dongles that work over the audio output. This is for MP3 players that don’t have a USB connector. I’m pretty sure this will work since it just sends the audio to the output and the dongle somehow makes this into a BT signal my speaker will pickup.


True, that would be a solution - but a pretty clumsy one, as it would be a shame to use an external BT device when the RPi3 has BT on-board… :sunglasses:

However, after some fiddling around I think the problem at the moment is not so much that the Volumio team does not want to have BT output (if it was for quality reasons, they would also need to disable the headphone jack :laughing: ), but that implementation of BT got a bit difficult with the last Rasbian releases. But I might be wrong here, I am not an expert in the field… :mrgreen:

So… feedback from a dev would be welcome to clarify this! :slight_smile:


I´m also waiting for bluetooth support.

There is another thread where somebody already started to develop a bluetooth plugin


Although I do agree what you are saying, in this discussion it is all about priorities. As Volumio is a large product with quite a broad scope and the team has to pick the topics they work on carefully. They already did a tremendous job taking on some major item like UI-rewrite (from 1.x to 2.x), adding more supported platform like x86 (which is a big- and important one), adding an updater to make it easier to get updates including kernel updates (which is a big thing as well but brings quicker updates on drivers, etc.). What I am saying is that the focus on a Hi-Fi audience is a very important in determining which topics to work on and some topics are considered of higher importance than others. And finally, to maintain grip on a product like this and keep quality at a certain level, it is important to maintain the focus on items chosen and not keep adding topics while other existing topics suffer.

So the future will tell how big and important Bluetooth becomes in relation to other existing ones.