Bluetooth speaker support


I´m using Volumio since a long time at home. It is used in several places (childrens room, bath, and living room). The family loves it!

Only one feature I´m missing. When the weather is getting better we are out and usually go camping. In this case we are not using our expensive stereo equipement.

Last year we used a raspberry, a ravpower Powerbank and UE BOOM 2 Loudspeakers. It works great, but is was connected via cable. If it would work via Bluetooth the handling would be much easier (e.g. the speakers are water and dirt resistent, the raspberry and the powerbank not. We control the player via the WLAN hotspot and an old handy.

Is there a chance to get bluetooth support to volumio?

Thank you

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You could have a look here.

Thank you for your answer.

Reading the complete description it seems to me not working, I already saw the post.