Bluetooth source aptx or LDAC

I am using Volumio as my main streamer, as a plan subscriber I can use it as a bluetooth receiver.
However, when looking at the codec used, the bluetooth is limited to SBC codec on my pi4, I would have hoped to get at least AAC or preferably LDAC or aptx.

Is there any way or any thing that I am missing in my pi4 configuration to enable those codecs ?


I came to the same conclusion. With the activation of bluetooth, only the SBC codec is possible. As far as I understand, this is also due to the licences that are available for aptX and LDAC. I assume that there is no licensed implementation of the better codecs in the pi4.
But is there perhaps an external bluetooth receiver that enables better codecs? Or could you use bluez-alsa (GitHub - Arkq/bluez-alsa: Bluetooth Audio ALSA Backend) as an Alsa driver witch is using openaptx (GitHub - Arkq/openaptx: Reverse-engineered apt-X audio codec).

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Im bumping this thread, since I have the same question. Is it still the case that only SBC is suported?

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I use a Creative BT-W3 on mi Pi4, that has various aptx and ldac and it’s not too expensive…

Hello guys!

Davide from tech support,

Volumio supports only SBC codec
The APTX one needs Qualcomm hardware module
APTX codec will be available in one of our brand new streamer (INTEGRO), available soon :wink: