Bluetooth Remote on Raspberry Pi

New here, and loving what I have seen.

I would like to know if there is a way to use a bluetooth remote with the RaspberryPi version?

I have a Teenage Engineering Ortho Remote that I pair with my iPhone connected to an AMP. I use the dial to quickly control volume, stop, play, next etc.

I did some digging and can not see if this is supported or not.


Did anyone try an ortho remote or something similar to control volumio?

Last time i checked volumio does not support HOGP out-of-box due to out-dated bluetooth packages.

Look this: Added support of bluetooth remote G20BTS PRO to my Volumio on RPI4 - #4 by Wheaten

The credits goes to Vitaly_Margolin

Just to show it runs on a rPi4:


Unless something have happened, bluetooth low energy input devices wont publish the input events to /dev/input/X, device node is created for those but there is no events in there.

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No going to discuss this, do with this info whatever you want.

I just took 3 different air mouses, that were eating dust, all of them worked.
The only snag I found is that, as being air-mouses, some buttons report under a different event.
But I can prev/play/stop/next/mute/Vol.Up/Vol.Down. With all three of them.

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