bluetooth keyboard, wifi and hdmi issues ...

Hello all,

I have received my allo digione card and my RPI3 + the acrylic case, and i’m facing several issues :

  • HDMI : I would like to use my tv screen to display volumio … when i plug the RPI3 on my tv, it doesnt work … I tried to modified the /boot/config.txt, it does not work … (hdmi_force_hotplug=1 / #hdmi_drive=2) …
  • wifi : when I try to get connected on my wifi network thru the UI, nothinh happens … i also tried to modify the /etc/network/interfaces, doesnt work neither …
  • I bought a iclever®Rii Mini keyboard - it seems that the bluetooth drivers are not installed by default … I tried to sort this out, but not possible to make it works …

Could you please help me moving forward with thoses issues ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

This will only show the Volumio command line NOT the UI. You need to access this via a browser (or app). There is not a graphical subsystem installed in Volumio.

Can you see your wifi network in the UI? It is advised that you don’t modify ‘/etc/network/interfaces’…it’s not necessary to get a working configuration.

Bluetooth is not currently supported by Volumio, although Community members are working on this (have a search of the forums) highly requested feature.

Agreed - nevertheless, my tv set and my desktop are 10 meters far and not at the same level in the house - i set-up the rpi3/volumio from my PC, and i move it to my tv set / HiFi sytem once I have done changes … would be more relevant to do the set-up on my tv directly … and once i will be able to connect on the wifi, i will be also able to display volumio UI on my tv, through the network :slight_smile:

I can - actually I fucked up my system by modiffying the /interfaces, so i will not do it anymore :slight_smile: thru the UI, when i double click on my wifi, it requests the pwd, i fill it in, and then i unplug the wire … and then i cannot access volumio UI - I have not tried the hotspot so far, cause at the moment, it doesnt fully address my need (i need to get the rpi3 on my house network to be able to move flac files from my computer to the rpi3 (remember, the pc and the hifi system are not at the same level in the house …)

Roger, i will wait then :slight_smile:

I think that i would reflash & try with a clean installation without any of the changes you made previously.

That’s what I have done so far, and it doesnt work … the HDMI issue is like the pain in the *** … any idea ?
For the wifi, i’ll try again tonight … but can you confirm that it works thru the GUI ?

By default volumio on raspberry pi does not show anything on hdmi other than a login prompt. This is because UI adds a performance hiccup that its unnecessary to many.
To see the UI on hdmi you need to detach your keyboard and mouse and install the touchscreen plugin and then enable it.
If you could provide more info on your wifi we will help you on that as well

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I’m not sure to get your point (im not a native english speaker :slight_smile:) - basically, i configure the rpi on my desktop thru ssh/UI, then i switch it off, move it downstairs, plug it on my tv thru HDMI, and … nothing … at this point, there are only spidf cable, the hdmi cable and the power supply plugged on the rpi, nothing more … what is the touchscreen plugin ? :astonished:

I will give it a try tonight, let’s see what will happen :slight_smile:

You don’t need ssh to get Volumio running. Forget your hdmi for now at least, and follow the quick start guide at the end of this post to get a working system. After that, you can move it where you like in wifi range, and consider using your TV for display.

Ok i did it in the right way that time, i’ve had the great pleasure to make it works on my hifi system for the first time with the allo digione audio card ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nevertheless, i’ve been able to get connected on the rpi’s hotspot from my mobile, but i’vent been able to connect the rpi on my wifi ntw … it’s bad as i have to switch from the volumio wifi ntw to my own one …
but it works :slight_smile:

We’re getting there :slight_smile: Can you please explain in detail how you have tried to connect to your home wifi? (Also explain what doesn’t happen as you expect).

So, i’ve re-installed volumio (fine tuned for allo digione cards), plugged the sd card in the rpi3.
I started it and used by mobile web browser to access it - then, i got connected on the rpi hotspot and then, I tried to connect on my wlan ntw - i enter the pwd, then the rpi rebooted and … i was not able to see it in my network admin console as an active asset … so i used back the hotspot to play music …

So after the RPi rebooted did it just start the hotspot again, rather than joining your network? If so, this could be because it can’t find the network … perhaps the signal is weak where you tested? Do you have a usb wifi dongle you could try in the RPi to see if it improves reception?