Bluetooth from TV- big delays between video and audio

The question is for Volumio.
I’m subscribed to Volumio Premium and I’m mostly happy except for Bluetooth. When I connect Bluettoth from my TV to Volumio then there are big delays between video and audio. Video and audio cannot be synchronized with the usual settings on the TV. The delay is so great, that it is very stupid to watch TV and listen to audio via Bluetooth Volumio. If I use ordinary Bluetooth speakers instead of Volumio, then there is no or very little delay and it is acceptable when listening. I would like you to make a small tool to adjust this delay when using Bluetooth, that is, to accurately synchronize audio and video in Volumio. The sound quality when I listen via Volumio connected to an external high-quality 32-bit DAC, then to my DIY high-quality tube amplifier with DHT triodes and at the end of the chain a high-quality DIY sound box with Lii Song full range drivers, is incomparably better than when I use ordinary Bluetooth speakers.
Thank you for your attention and I hope for your help!

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Hello !

Did you find a solution for this issue?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi guys, digging up this thread again. I have the exact same issue.

Latency is around 3000ms which is insane, even making you click twice sometimes for music because you’re unsure it worked. I tried with my Nvidia Shield TV, Samsung samrtphone, same result. Also same between RPi3 an 4.

I’d really love to use my volumio as the allrounder, as the multiroom thing works super well with my subscription, but this is just a big annoyance. I would be really happy for any pointers.


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I would like to know a fix for this as well