Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Hey guys!

I’m here to give you the Black Friday and Cyber Monday announcements!

Black Friday

  • Available only for Extra EU.

We are offering the last of our beloved Volumio Primo Community Edition streamers at only €299. Volumio Primo | Volumio
With the purchase, you will also receive a one-year Volumio Premium for free (value €59.99).

This offer starts on Friday at 00:00 CET and is available while supplies last!

Cyber Monday

If you have a Free or Virtuoso account, check your inbox on Monday for a little surprise :slight_smile:

Happy Shopping! :shopping:


That’s a very sharp price. Not sure if I can beat this with a DYI.

  • Asus tinkerboard = 150-180 Euro
  • DAC (chinese clone ES9038Q2M, or Original ) = 54 - 129 Euro
  • Powersupply = 12-34 Euro
  • Case = 15-25 Euro
  • License = 59.99

Total amount between: 291 - 428 Euro

Hi Monica,

I hereby order a Primo for 299€ - unfortunately i am not able by being told:

“There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.”

Could you please check the time stamp and reserve one for me ?

Thank you very much

…ordering is still not possible. Still “no shipping methods available”

Primo Black Friday deal is available only to non EU customers as stated in the initial post …

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ah i understand - extra EU = non EU

is there any black friday deal for intra EU people as well ? I feel a bit excluded :wink:

Finally a Brexit advantage is discovered for our beleagured British friends. Shame they still have to pay the import duties and wait for it to clear customs.

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two-class society or what ?

…and there has been no info in the email that has been sent out, that it is not available for EU inside folks…

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Reason for this is that the only stock left of Primo is in our worldwide (Hong Kong) logistic center. If we would have shipped to EU as well you guys would have had to pay import duties, which is far less than ideal.

We hear you about further discount on Rivo, Integro, Primov2. I’ve personally received many messages of people holding up to buy them waiting for Black Friday discount on those.

Thing is, we have taken the decision to not offer discount on those for few reasons:

  • Those products are just launched and we believe we priced them in a fair way, without the need for discounts to make them more appealing.
  • Those products are also distributed worldwide by our passionate network of partners and dealers, and we respect their effort so we don’t want to outcompete them with discounts.
  • More generally, when it comes to our current or future product, I believe we will not offer discounts. Reason being we want to really deliver good products with excellent price\quality ratio, and discounts are not useful for that mission to happen.
  • Last, we already provide our SW for free, even though it costs lot of time and effort, so we feel that people that see value in what we do do not need discounts.

Hope that clarifies our position and hope you guys appreciate this level of transparency. Looking forward for your feedbacks if you think I’m missing something

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Let me check on that

The email for Primo offer has been sent out only to non-EU people (which opted in for marketing).
So, for the ones of you that received it and are in Europe, sorry, you received it by mistake.

Ok - i understand, so no worries :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hmmm, as far as I know California is still not in the EU. But I am also getting the `no shipping options available’ blocking message when I try to order from here.

Sorry we are checking

@fearceoil was a temporary issue, now it’s fixed. You can go

Hi Michelangelo,

@volumio i just checked - and now i also would be able to order and pay also from inside EU… and as far as i know Germany is still not part of California :wink:

No worries - i didn‘t - as i know you don’t want me to buy one by reasons you explained before…

Just want you to be aware of that.

Best Regards

Thank you for your responsiveness.

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Disappointing!!! An Italian company offers in Euro for Extra EU only?
Free Shipping for ex EU and no way to get it inside EU.
I think I will quit my membership soon.