Biwired or not biwired

This is a speaker question.

I have a pair of speakers. Each speaker is bi wired only it isn’t. They are spares from a mid range mid-fi unit from the 90s. They are in good condition. Each speaker has on the back “low frequency 6 ohm, high frequency 6 ohm”. One of the pair of wires measures a 6 ohm (loosely). The other wires measure nothing when measured against any other wire from the speaker. There has never been any damage to the speakers and they both work well in the low and high range if connected to the original midfi unit. Even though I cannot measure an resistance across one of the two pairs I have no reason to think it is broken.

There are no plugs on the speaker wires, just mini crimps on the midfi unit. I can add plugs to the wires. My use case simple family hifi for cooking/ entertaining in our one-room-kitchen-diner. No one is a hifi expert here, anything better than cell phone speakers is more than good enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions about wiring these speakers? I have a range of perf board and components - not afraid of soldering if I need to.