bitrate webradio

I noticed the addition of webradio bitrate in the latest version and I wonder how to get this in pydPiper (to display it)
The pydPiper documentation mentions the bitrate variable:

bitrate (unicode) Description - The bit rate for the file. May show 'VBR' if the rate is variable Values - 320 kbs, VBR

however, it does not show the bitrate on my LCD display while playing webradio with this variable.

Is the bitrate variable different when on webradio?



There is a wide variety of streaming bitrates and quality between radio stations.
Some are mp3 type quality and may offer one or two bitrates for higher quality, or reduced bandwidth consumption, others stream in flac quality and high bitrates for best audi quality.
I set up the web radio stations I want to listen to manually in the My Web Radios section,
Each station is checked for the best quality stream option and I choose that one to set up.
It doesn’t display the bitrate, but I know I’ve chosen the highest quality option offered when I configure the new station.
You could easily add the configured file quality and bitrate to the staion name when you set it up.
Something like:
Absolute 80s (Flac/44100)
3RRR (MP3/320)

Ha, just after I posted the previous reply I saw that there is an update for the R Pi version of Volumio, here is the list of fixes/improvements.

Update v2.729


Better propagation of initial state on multiroom handler
Handle ungraceful device disconnect
Improve webradios search results
Fix oauth login on new signup controller
Remove fakepulsingknob animation
Fix Log rotation service
Do not show podcasts on webradio search
Fix seek and volume control on UI3 Playback page


Add MyVinyl background
Show webradios bitrate                                   <********************  My emphasis
Sort webradios result alphabetically
Allow to enter coupon on trial period
Simplify Factory Reset facility
Improved retriaval of wireless network results
Reload UI on network saving
Added privacy settings facility

That’s exactly the problem! I’m using the latest version 2.729 that gives the bitrate of the webradio streams.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 20.09.48.png

The problem is that it is not shown on the LCD display (h44780) when using pydPiper.
The display does show bitdepth and samplerate when playing flac files.

So, the question is, is the bitrate of webradio streams different then the birate grabbed by pydPiper?


Sorry, I mis-read the question.

the issue has been solved by pydPiper developer.
Close this issue.