Bitrate Spotify connect

hi, what is the bitrate of the Spotify connect plug-in ? Which is great btw. And, now that Airplay is no more needed, how can it be disabled ? thanks

it’s a mistake… removed in last dev version :wink:

I would like to know if the remote device (phone, tablet, computer) actually streams the music to Volumio running the plug-in or does it just send commands and the plug-in / Volumio which does the streaming ? The latter scenario would be preferred obviously in my case since the Raspberry with Volumio are on Ethernet. And how does it get its authentification ? From the phone ?

In any event, I love this plugin ! thanks. It is much faster than using Airplay and frees up the remote controller device (aka phone) to do other audio stuff like taking or making a call.


when using Spotify connect, just command are sent. It means that even if you power off your phone, it will continue to play.

Hmm the ogg stream decoded and played back via alsa as 16bitLE @ 44100Hz data.

Hmm, unless volumio’s samplerate and bitdepth mean something else the 16bit and 44100Hz isn’t a mistake - …

Note to self: Should look into supporting alternate formats as well!