Bit Rate Display

There is a bit rate display in the timer circle…

Codec and bit-rate for currently playing web-radio would be excellent feature. Info in station list would be even better but might be problematic. Many stations have very low quality and you must listen for some time to identify if this is just current song or a station.

Any news here, still Waiting for the bitrate information of the webradio stations.
Kind regards, Patrick
The Netherlands.

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It would be nice.

Hi Michelangelo,

Thank you very much for this long awaited feature - now available in v2.718 :smiley:

Best Regards

Hi michalangelo, for me this feature is available on my Windows 10 computer with chrome browser, thank you, sadly on my android (Samsung S10+) the bitrate is not available, could you look into that?
Thnx in advance, Patrick.

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Fixed! It will be available in next release

Looks like a “local” problem no bitrate available on 192.168.1.x, bitrate I can see in

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Will the bit rate info ever be available for music played from spotify, Airplay and external drive? :slight_smile:

It would be great if it could be included in the V3 :+1:t2:

We will add a note for that :wink:

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Strange, I have the latest Volumio installed on my Pi and everywhere I look, it only displays the kHz and the bitdepth info of the played track and I can’t see anywhere the actual bitrate information (using the Web GUI and streaming the songs from an SMB network share). So I ask what could be wrong here and what can I do about it?

Bitrate can be calculated from the information that is present, so it would just clutter the UI without adding anything valuable in there.(just my 2cents)

perhaps volumio can give the real reason why its not present.

I don’t know what you mean exactly, but I play many different tracks, mp3’s and FLAC’s, but not once I have seen the bitrate info displayed. It’s surely present in the stream as it must be read out from the track itself, so I don’t see it as the obstacle. Jriver for example (what I use on my PC) displays the bitrate of all of these tracks correctly.

Edit: Stranger is that I have checked with some webradio stations and the opposite happens: the bitrate is shown (but only in the down-left corner), but not kHz and bitdepth information. When I switch to the “Playing now” view, only the word “Webradio” is displayed in the left big circle and no other info, not even the bitrate.

It’s surely present in the stream as it must be read out from the track itself

this is not always the case web radio got bitrate, but other will have only kHz and bitdepth information. just type your ip /dev and you will see what info is there that is what we can show.
this one could show both:

{“status”:“play”,“position”:45,“title”:“108 - Die verruckte halbe stunde @Radio538 (12-11-2021)”,“artist”:“Chris Deluxe”,“album”:“SoundCloud Track”,“albumart”:“",“uri”:“”,“trackType”:"",“seek”:1131039,“duration”:2051,“samplerate”:"44.1 kHz”,“bitdepth”:“24 bit”,“channels”:2,“bitrate”:“128 Kbps”,“random”:null,“repeat”:null,“repeatSingle”:false,“consume”:true,“volume”:81,“mute”:false,“disableVolumeControl”:false,“stream”:false,“updatedb”:false,“volatile”:false,“service”:“mpd”}

But it should display Bitdepth and Samplerate for these, with that information and channel count you can calculate bitrate. so showing the bitrate aswell would just clutter the UI, which is now pretty clean and good looking.

Its not an obstacle, its more of an design question. You either design clean UI which is what is the preferred today, or design Desktop UI from 80’s which shows everything relevant or not, just because there is display area not occupied yet.

That is an issue obviously, something should be shown.

But as i said these are just my opinions, and does not represent what Volumio staff is thinking about it.

he thinks volumio is reading meta data like jrivers or any other player on windows

I have tried with many tracks mp3’s and FLAC’s, but even with this command I can’t get the bitrate info shown, for example:

“trackType”:“mp3”,“seek”:39073,“duration”:231,“samplerate”:“44.1 kHz”,“bitdepth”:“24 bit”,“channels”:2,“random”:false,“repeat”:true,“repeatSingle”:false,“consume”:false,“volume”:70,“dbVolume”:null,“disableVolumeControl”:false,“mute”:false,“stream”:“mp3”,“updatedb”:false,“volatile”:false,“service”:“mpd”}

So something must be missing or messed up a bit here…?

I the case of a webradio, the bitrate is also shown:


But I have a guess that it’s just static data attached to the radio stream info, so this still isn’t dynamic (or “REAL-Time”) data read from the played stream itself.

i have bitrate always showing in radio in my version what version of volumio are you using?
no there is no realtime bitrate shown just static.

I guess the latest: 2.9.17

The webradio’s bitdepth is shown, but as I wrote only the down-left corner, on the Playing now screen the left circle doesn’t show any information for webradios. And only sample rate and bitdepth for local (network streamed) audio tracks. (Still speaking of the Web GUI opened in a browser).