bind to '' failed ?


Using volumio 1.2, when doing sudo /etc/init.d/mpd restart I end up with the following error.

[ ok ] Stopping Music Player Daemon: mpd.
[…] Starting Music Player Daemon: mpdlisten: bind to ‘’ failed: Address already in use (continuing anyway, because binding to ‘[::]:6600’ succeeded)
. ok

is is good ? bad ? to be never mind ?

My settings :
Static Ip address
Raspberry connected to my router using ethernet cable
Music files on Qnap NAS


The same message appears for me. I think this imposes no problem at all since the mpd is working after the restart. The real problem is that we have to restart every once in a while (mainly when changing settings from the gui, like resampling, audio buffer etc…). I think the web interface is very fragile (connecting…) and slow. Otherwise congrats for this distribution, works quite nice (despite the restart issue) with my simple Fiio E07k Andes DAC/Amp I can stream 24bit 96kHz flacs flawlessly. Keep going!

It falls in the category nevermind, so don’t worry.
As for the webui “fragility”, I have a new release in test that improves a lot this aspect…