bigger audio buffer?

is it possible to increase the audio buffer size above 12M?

I’m playing HighResolution Audio via network and I experience stuttering sound.
I think increasing the audio buffer size could help me but I cannot get higher than 12M through the web interface.
Is there a way to increase via SSH?

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5 yeras later, no answer to this question…
But anyway - in the early versions of Volumio it was possible to setup a prefered audio buffer size.

If it is not possible in UI - which config file should be manually modified?

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Otto Normahl

Why are you anwsering questions of 5 years old ?

I would like to be able to set the buffer larger than 12 MB, like before. This way I can avoid dropouts when playing HighRes audio files over WiFi (e.g. wav files with 24Bit and 96kHz). This had worked well in the past. Since I recently switched to Volumio 3.x, the dropouts are back.

So, where can I manually set the desired audio buffer size?

Volumio is crap on weak hardware. You have to use a beefy machine to have no drop outs. I gave up on the buffer solution years ago and I installed volumio on a core i3 machine with 16GB of RAM and a dedicated USB Audio DAC. After that my drop-outs were gone. Sorry to have no better answer…

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i just use a wired solution and a pc like you said is a overkill and a usb dac is a nice to have i have 2 of those both on rpi4 / 4 gb works great :stuck_out_tongue:

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