Big discovery on Volumio 2 .vs 3

I have been poo pooing on V3 since the day it came out and it turns out I was(mostly) wrong.

I had an all day audio shoot out with a friend and what we discovered was that Volumio 3 DOES sound better than Volumio 2 depending on the hardware.

My first clue that 3 only sounds worse on certain hardware was when I tried 3x on a PC and it sounded better than 2x on the same PC.

Volumio 3 sounds absolutely great on a Raspberry Pi 3b with a Digione, but there was an unexpected result. Volumio 3 sounds absolutely gash on a Digione Signature. Volumio 2 sounds slightly less awful and Rune sounds okay, but the original Digione running Volumio 3 sounds the best. I can’t believe it!