Best format for attached storage /copying files

Hi guys,

Quick question - I’m running volumio (latest ver 2) and Rpi4 with an attached 2TB ssd.

Currently have the HDD formatted as ntfs, but had read about this ‘ext 4’. There is no default in Windows 10 for this, does it improve file transfer and integrity?

Reason I ask is I’m trying to copy to the hdd over the network (\volumio.local) but getting this error:

Blockquote An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file… Error 0x8007045D (I/O error).

I’m pretty sure it used to work. Thanks,

ps. noticed the drive ‘maps’ an extra folder as ‘new volume’ (extra folder) before the root directory on the actual drive. Not sure if this is correct or if i can move the folders up a level.

You could try this thread. HDD FAT32 or NTFS?

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Best way to go is FAT32 as your also using Windows. It will give you no access issues, you can go up to 8T. Only limitation is the filesize for a single file, which is limited to 4GB. As Fat is 32 bits, you can max assign 2^32 = 4GB.

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FS is up to you, as a linux user I would go with ext4, but if you are using Windows (and removing the drive to add files ) then NTFS or the other Windows formats would serve you better (Windows can’t natively read ext4 formats). If the transfer of files is being done over the network, then the FS should be irrelevant (there will be some interconnecting software such as samba doing FS translations for you).

Thanks guys, I think I’ve used that format in the past. I know the Rpi4 sd card format is more critical, but usually go with NTFS for windows removeable drives.
I’ve reformatted as exFat and copying the library again, so should be good. Thanks!