Best base platform for commercial product?

We’re currently working on a commercial product and are very seriously considering Volumio as part of the solution. I’m curious as to what people think is the best hardware platform to use with Volumio 3. Currently we are looking at using the Tone 1 board from Khadas in the base product because of its sound characteristics. We’ve been prototyping with RPi4’s but prefer a solution where we can externally mount the antenna(s). That’s left us with three options that I could identify. RPi CM4 with a WaveShare board, Tinkerboard and Khadas VIM3 Basic. It gets interesting as we want to include 1TB of storage at USB 3 / M.2 SSD Speeds. Last must have is the ability to control the preamp section of this product via Serial which I already see is possible and we’d likely work with the Volumio team on implementing that as a part of an OEM solution.

Thanks for any opinions/thoughts.



I think CM4 is a very good option, it can run Volumio already without problems. It also supports a M2 SSD, if necessary.

I don’t understand why you need a Waveshare board

Thanks Darmur. I was going to use the Waveshare I/O board with the built in M2. It is nice and small too. That was the only reason I mentioned that one. I certainly could use the official pi carrier board and add the PCIe M.2 adapter. It’s just much larger. Are there other I/O boards with m.2 or ssd support?

Now if I could only get one CM4 module to test with. They are several months out now from availability.

Clear, I got it now.

Being a custom product, I was thinking you were going to use a custom-made PCB, with the socket for the CM4 and the slot for the M2 SSD. Basically you will use the CM4 + Waveshare board as a replacement for the RPi4, with the advantage of the M2 slot and the possibility of an external antenna.

Exactly - Saves on some development time for sure. I was able to get one CM4 non emmc board to try it out with. Had to pay a premium.

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Consider if the hardware is capable of multi channel audio over hdmi. This will ensure you are aligned the rapidly growing Atmos , Auro3d, multi-channel market segment.