Berryboot Screen raspberry is black

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.7777 Révision : Mon May 25 18:53:02 CEST 2020
Hardware: Raspberry pi 4

Morning, everyone,

Sorry about the spelling, I’m French.
Volumio2 is installed with berryboot on a raspberry pi 4 :slight_smile:[GUIDE] Multiboot Volumio2 (with Kodi & al.) under Berryboot
The official 7 inch screen is connected with DSI.
Volumio works well.
Unfortunately the screen stays black as soon as I activate the touch display plugin.
If I deactivate the plugin, the prompt command lines are displayed well.
Is this plugin compatible with the raspberry pi 4 with berryboot?
How can I make the display work?
Thank you for your feedback.

Berryboot setup is not officially supported, so you may not get assistance outside the relevant Guide section or on Berryboot Github pages.

Pi4 Berryboot support seems still in very early stages (with rather old 4.19.17 kernel) and I advise you first try to get your screen working on a plain Berryboot/Raspbian instance, and get eventual support from maxnet on Berryboot GitHub: it’s most probably a driver/firmware issue.
Once this is confirmed working, then you may check with Volumio distribution with berryboot-scripts

If you just tried a fresh install of the touch display plugin, It could also just be the expired repo.volumio certificate issue that has hit a bunch of plugins.

Have a look at that thread for some workarounds…

Many thanks to both of you for your solutions. The ashthespy procedure works!
Yours truly.