Berryboot and Volumio

Yesterday I finally received my HIFIBerry DAC+ card.

I had everything set up in Berryboot and only needed to install the DAC driver. However, when I tried to install the I2S driver and rebooted. There was no sound.

I then realized that Berryboot has it’s own kernel and does not “allow” to run the kernel of the individual OS’s. So this basically means that you can not install the driver while running Berryboot.

I now have a fresh install of Volumio and everything works as intended. I wanted the Pi to have an streaming audio player, but thought it would be fun to also have openElec and Retropie installed.

Ofc, what I could do is make an image of the currently installed Volumio, convert it with SquashFS and run it in Berryboot, but for now I think it is too much hassle.

So this is kind of like a warning to other noobs like me :wink: Be aware that upgrading / installing drivers etc. is quite difficult while running Berryboot!


I know this is old post but maybe my solution will help someone else. It is tested and working with Iquadio dac plus

Try this:

  1. Install Berry Boot
  2. Add Volumio image
  3. In Volumio login via terminal (login volumio, password volumio) and add following lines to /boot/config/txt:
  4. cp config.txt config_iqaudio.txt
  5. In Volumio in settings, playback options – change i2s dac to on and select iquadio dac plus. After saving Volumio will change config.txt to:
    initramfs volumio.initrd
  6. All we have to do is to replace config.txt with our previously saved configuration:
    cp config_iqaudio.txt config.txt
  7. From now Volumio should work with I2s Dac nd you can use Berryboot without any problems.

A simplified berryboot how-to guide is available, since with Volumio 2 v2.185, things are now a little-bit more convenient (fix for config.txt issue).