Berryboot - Add OS - Squashfs of Volumio

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: volumio-2.873-2021-02-19-pi.img
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
DAC: Topping D10s

Hi together
Volumio doesn’t support Amazon Music HD. I’m looking to combine it with Volumio: on the same (Raspberry) device would have liked install Volumio with another system which gives i.e. Firefox to connect to Amazon Music HD, attached via Topping 10s DAC to my active loudspeakers.

To add on berryboot I was able to create a corresponding Squashfs of Volumio’s Raspberry image on Ubuntu 20.04, obviously with no error as you may see below:

george@george-NUC8i5BEH:~/Schreibtisch/Berryconv/BerryConverter-master$ chmod 755

george@george-NUC8i5BEH:~/Schreibtisch/Berryconv/BerryConverter-master$ ./ volumio-2.873-2021-02-19-pi.img volumio-2.873-2021-02-19-piB.img

[sudo] Passwort für george:

sed: /mnt/etc/fstab kann nicht gelesen werden: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

sed: /mnt/etc/fstab kann nicht gelesen werden: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

Parallel mksquashfs: Using 8 processors

Creating 4.0 filesystem on volumio-2.873-2021-02-19-piB.img, block size 131072.

[=============================================================|] 2720/2720 100%

Exportable Squashfs 4.0 filesystem, lzo compressed, data block size 131072

compressed data, compressed metadata, compressed fragments,

compressed xattrs, compressed ids

duplicates are removed

Filesystem size 344489.75 Kbytes (336.42 Mbytes)

99.01% of uncompressed filesystem size (347947.12 Kbytes)

Inode table size 2705 bytes (2.64 Kbytes)

24.57% of uncompressed inode table size (11008 bytes)

Directory table size 76 bytes (0.07 Kbytes)

95.00% of uncompressed directory table size (80 bytes)

Number of duplicate files found 0

Number of inodes 4

Number of files 2

Number of fragments 1

Number of symbolic links 0

Number of device nodes 0

Number of fifo nodes 0

Number of socket nodes 0

Number of directories 2

Number of ids (unique uids + gids) 1

Number of uids 1

root (0)

Number of gids 1

root (0)


Booting up, there is an error:

unable to locate or execute sbin/init user/lib/systemend/systemend /init inside volumio-2.873-2021-02-19-piB.img (...B=name of the converted file).

Is there any help possible, hopefully not too complicated, because I am an old man with only user knowledge of Ubuntu?

Hoping to hear from you is


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With respect, forget the idea of adding Volumio as a squashfs from the 2nd partition, there is a lot more to that.
Volumio was setup as a standalone system, with it own OS, fixed boot partition and a combination of RO (squashfs) and RW using overlayfs. On top of that, the partition structure is fixed, you cannot change that, updating would never work.
There is a plugin (please search) which could help, but only for a PI.

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I thank you for your quick, resolute and competent reaction. - I will give up - which brings me back my sleep.

What exactly do you mean with the plug-in for Raspi? Would you mind please telling me?

Thanks a lot (mille grazie)


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