BERRYBAK - cool device with onboard mystery DAC


I recently got a “Berrybak,” from sure-hifi on eBay. It comes as an enclosure, an amp, and a DAC that the user plugs his Pi into. It has RCA inputs and outputs, a 3.5mm input, 2 USB charge ports (apart from the 4 on the Pi), terminals for lefft and right speakers, and a subwoofer RCA connection with isolated gain for the sub.

Take a look: … 2277025043

Trouble is… I can’t figure out which DAC to substitute for the onboard Berrybak DAC. I just don’t know enough about DAC tech to be able to guess correctly. I have tried to contact the chinese seller to no avail.

Any suggestions?


No ideas, eh? Man… I don’t know how to figure this out. The manufacturer communication is in broken English and I am pretty sure they are confusing “Vomumio” with “Volume.” Grrr…

This thing could be so cool. Onboard amp for some desktop speakers. RCA outs. 3.5mm stereo in & RCA ins. All the Pi connections can be used. Plus there is a volume knob and a speaker select switch. And two USB charge only ports. Not to mention the RCA Sub out and dedicated sub gain dial.

Man I want this working…

I see berrybak project, and seem good, but as you i like have more information about, for connect adn use it with RPI

Well… it should be cool, but I wouldn’t know, as I can’t get it to play music. Not through the amp, not through the RCA outs, and not through the headphone jack.

This shouldn’t be hard. I’ve trial and errored almost every DAC in the Volumio drop-down menu to no avail.

I just know this is going to be something incredibly stupid or obvious in the end.

I really want to get this thing working. I might install KODI on it and see if I can get audio to play through that. I know… blasphemy.

Since you have access to the device, maybe more useful to peep inside and grab some photos - it’s hard to guess what DAC is in there by just some images of the exterior.

Either way - my psychic senses (aka Google foo) tell me it might be the ADAU170

Good luck!

OK. I will crack it open and snap some pictures. It is a process with about a dozen little hex screws, so I will attempt to explore your suggestion first.

But I am missing something. Specifically, the “ADAU170” isn’t a choice in my Volumio DAC dropdown menu. I do have the “Adafruit UDA1334A,” which I realize is not the same… but it is one of two “Adafruit” DACs I can choose and thought “ADA…” Might be for “Adafruit.” Is there a way to add DAC models to the choices within Volumio? Does the “ADAU170” exist as some kind of driver file I can dump on the SD card running Volumio?\

And how in the world did you come up with that with Google? I can’t find anything online about this thing outside an old Indiegogo page and the eBay listing.

Pics later…

Found a driver for it: … spberry-Pi
Try the following at your own risk - taking no responsibility here and is completely untested by me!

git clone
sudo cp ADAU1701-I2S-Audio-Driver-for-Raspberry-Pi/adau1701-i2s.dtbo /boot/overlays
# Add this into the recognised DACS (after making a copy of course)
mv /volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/i2s_dacs/dacs.json /volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/i2s_dacs/
# Since I don't like text editors for such tasks,  duplicate a suitable candidate and change some keys..
sed -i '/allo-digione/ {h;G}'  /volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/i2s_dacs/dacs.json
sed -i 's/allo-digione/adau1701-i2s/;s/Allo DigiOne/ADAU1701/;s/allo-digione/adau1701-i2s/' /volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/i2s_dacs/dacs.json
# Make this option visible in the webUI
killall node

BerryBak led me to this post … p?t=146366

well color me impressed!

away from my hardware (on my phone at the moment) but this looks right for sure.

I’ll confirm it working (or not) once I can attack it later. Glad I might not have to take it apart.