Ben from Germany

Hello everybody,

i am Ben from Osnabrück, Germany. I was looking for a simple way to play my mp3s on my stereo in my living room/music room/demonstration room(i build and sell acoustic elements for improving the room acoustic) and found volumio after checking out a commercial product, which i did not like at all. But because i had a RPI and a DAC lying around here, Voluio was perfect for me and it turned out to do everything, i want to do with it right now. I build a wooden box around it, as you can see below. The switches are run by the GPIO plugin and I will use the brutefir plugin as well, but i am too lazy, so that i haven´t measured the room to build proper files for the room correction. But i will do that soon!
A big Thank You to everybody who build Volumio and helps to improve it.K640_SDC12489.JPGK640_SDC12494.JPG

Welcome to Volumio Ben :slight_smile:

Nice looking case for your RPi. I think an ongoing post in ‘Projects’ about your experience with setting up and using ‘brutefir’ would be a great Community asset.

Hi chsims1,

I spent several hours now, trying to bring the Brutefir-Plugin to work, but i am not able to…
It does not save any of the settings in the plugin and in the meantime “destroyed” the settings of the playback options, so that I had to deinstall it and manually delete some files via ssh to be able to get some sound again. The first problem is, that it tries to install itself twice, which leads to an error, because it realizes, that it is alread installed. Unlike other plugins, it is not shown in the plugin section unless the RPi is rebootet.
I now formatted the sdcard and reinstalled the whole volumio system with the latest version, did no changes and installed the newest brutefir version, but it still does not work. So right now, i am not interessted in trying it in the near future again, because listening to music ist more important than spending hours to try to improve the sound, which is good enough for my purposes (and because my room sounds great even without DRC/DSP :slight_smile: ). When I like to listen to music in the best quality, I listen to vinyl records, because my record player sounds better than my CD-Player and the Roland DAC, not because vinyl is the best sounding thing in the world, as some people think :wink:
I have a RPi 3 Modell B V1.2 connected to a Roland UA1G DAC, connected via USB.

I will post a comment in the Project section, if i will try the Brutefir Plugin, but it may be in the future sometime…

kind regards

The double installation problem is known, and doesn’t just apply to brutefir. It would be useful if you try the plugin again to give feedback/raise problems on the brutefir Github site.

Thank you chsims1, i just wrote a post at the github site.