Behaviour of updating mechanism

Hi, after updating to 2.362, I lost the ability to access the web UI: navigating to the correct address would just display a blank page. Strangely enough, the iOS app would allow me to access the UI just fine… After playing around a bit, I realised that the webpage was actually being served just fine, but that the main javascript and CSS files it attempted to load simply didn’t exist on the system. However, files with very similar names (for example app-bb9f9c8866.css rather than app-8e60c7c4b9.css) did exist. After duplicating these files and renaming them everything works fine again, but this still sounds like there’s a bug somewhere here.

Another thing I noticed is that most files in /volumio/http weer created on the 12th of February, which makes sense since that’s when 2.362 came out. However, index.html showed up with the 10th of February as its timestamp. I did indeed play around with tweaking the header tags in that file on the 10th, so it looks like the update mechanism realised this and left my modified index.html in place, which then got broken because of the unexpected change in file names. I am not 100% sure what’s the best way to proceed in such a situation and I can see some rationale for the present behaviour, but it would make more sense IMO to make sure that all those files that were modified from one distribution to the next do actually get updated…

See here for a wider explanation: … dates.html

Long story short: since we use overlayfs for persistence, if you edit any volumio file, it’s created on the overlay.
So when you update, the overlay will superseed Volumio files, resulting in the situation you’ve experienced.

Thanks for the explanation!