Beaglebone Can't get on Web UI

Hi all,

I’m hoping to get things running and use Volumio to be my main music system, both at home and away from home. Looks really cool.

However, right at the beginning, I am finding it very difficult to get going. I’ve got the system on the SD card and I think the BBB is booted (I get the heartbeat and the CPU light flickers periodically. But when I aim the (Firefox) browser to volume.local, I get a big blank area at the top of the web page and half a blue bar in the address window, but nothing that looks like the web interface. I have tried with an ethernet cable and also on my password-protected wireless network, with and without wifi dongle &/or hard drive attached. I’ve used computers of course, but I have absolutely no experience with anything like Linux, networking or any technical work, so a lot of the talk here is intimidating and foreign. I’m on a Mac, FYI.

So, some really basic questions I could not find answers to:

  • Are some browsers better than others for this?

  • With a password-protected wireless network, do I need to connect with an ethernet cable every time I change networks? This would mean dragging my computer along and doing this to get going whenever I change networks, which makes this a little inconvenient to travel with.

  • Is there an easier/alternate method of entering the network password other than plugging in an ethernet cable?

  • What steps would someone recommend to get me connected and going?

Thanks in advance for any helpful thoughts or insights.

Hi there. The “volumio.local” thing doesn’t always resolve; it didn’t for me. You can find the IP address of your BB either from your router (if you know how) or, if you plug a screen into the BB, the IP is displayed together with a whole lot of other info during the BB’s POWER ON phase i.e. start up. Once you have the IP e.g. you can type that into the browser of your MAC instead of “volumio.local”. Providing the BB is active/operational and connected via Ethernet to your network this should get you to the GUI.

It is possible the BB is experiencing difficulty in which case you will need to connect a screen to the BB and see what is going on… I know you have asked a lot of other questions but first things first i.e. trying to establish a basic Ethernet connection to the BB…


Edit: correction for “volumio.local/”

Thanks for the advice, I do appreciate any help. Still having problems and can’t find the IP address. Here’s where I’m at.

  • I have a 4" monitor that I got hooked up through a HDMi converter. Although things display very, very small, I can see part of the little penguin at boot-up, so I’m pretty sure it’s booting. When the penguin goes away, I can see a couple of lines of unreadably small type, including a flashing prompt.

  • The “Local” thing in Volumio gets me nothing.

  • I could not figure out how to get our Cisco router setup software to display a list of IP addresses for local devices, so…

  • I’m using Apple’s IP Scanner, which is showing a bunch of devices on the local network, but all of them are known devices like our phones, computers, etc., and the BBB does not appear to be one of them.

  • There is a wi-fi dongle plugged in.

I will admit I am a total moron when it comes to dealing with networking and anything really technical having to do with to computers. But remember, this Volumio things is described as simplicity itself, so I figured it was worth a try.

I really would like to get this thing running, at least at home. It’s my ultimate goal to make it portable, but one thing at a time. If anyone has suggestions for what to try, I would love some additional things to try. Right now, I’m pretty stumped. If I were to get an LCD cape or display for the BBB, would it display anything useful without additional programming?


OK, another question or three.

I have reinstalled the Volumio OS and think I have it booted correctly, but I’m not at all sure. My little monitor is displaying a logo in the lower RH corner, and there appears to be progress bar across the bottom, and the progress indicator moves left to right at startup, but stops when it is only about 1/20 of the way across. Is this normal?

I have used IP Scanner, which shows the other ten devices on the local network but does not who the BBB. Is it possible that I have a bad WiFi dongle? Or will the device not show up until I get pass the WiFi password?

Really would like to get this thing running, and would appreciate any help or suggestions. I may pick up another WiFi dongle just to rule out that possibility.


You can change the wifi config file with the command line (edit /etc/network/interfaces) (you need to plug in a monitor and a keyboard).

try it first with Lan.
Access the WebUI with the ip adress (If all went right you will see it at your router interface)

I have the BBB plugged into a laptop with a LAN cable, and it still does not show up on the network with IP Scanner, which does show all the other devices on the network. I did try a different wi-fi dongle and no results from that, either.

So I’m really not sure it is booted up properly. Some comments online say that you can see the IP address on the screen if you hook one up. This displays nothing like that–just the Beagleboard logo and some kind of progress bar along the bottom. Is that what Volumio should look like?

Sorry for the basic questions. I just don’t understand why I can’t get any response out of this thing.

Again, I appreciate any help you can give me.

you must connect your BBB to your router or switch. Your router must have DHCP enabled. Otherwise your BBB wont get a ip address.