Beaglebone Black Accessing WEBUI


I am working with the Beaglebone Black. I have it connected with an Ethernet cable and I’m using wifi on my laptop. I’ve inserted the microSD card and held the boot button while I powered it on. Two of the LEDs lit up and I let go of the boot button. The LEDs now blink in what seems to be a nonuniform pattern. I’m not sure if this is normal. When I type volumio.local/ into my browser, it always comes up “server not found”. I was hoping that someone might have some insight and could help me resolve this issue. Please! And thank you!!


The last Beaglebone image is quite buggy, I suggest using the previous one…
Alternatively, you can type the BBB ip (use the Fing app to discover the devices connected to your network).

Hi Michelangelo,
i have flah card on last bbb image, but i have engage the problem.
I use a usb dac jlsounds with cmos usb adapter, and in hardware settings there isn’t see the X20 encoder.
So, i have reflash the card with old version, and all work perfect.
when did you think adjust the bug?
i estimate your work.