BBC Sounds on Raspberry Pi

Is it possible to access BBC Sounds using Volumio installed on a Raspberry Pi outputting to a Hifiberry DAC2 Pro?

I would also welcome a BBC Sounds plugin, similar to the Radio Paradise one perhaps, that would allow access to all of the stations on Sounds at the highest quality level available. Also be nice to have easy links to be able to browse their podcasts.

I use the BBC Sounds app on my iPhone and select volumio as the speakers over Airplay. It works great.

I’m not familiar with android, but I assume it’s possible to send audio from an app to volumio too in a similar manner.

Where can I find the URL stream adress of those radios, I would like to add it in volumio.

Stream audio to volumio - Volumio Documentation Easiest way to stream bbc sounds with good quallity. I use the Tuneblade app on windows pc works great.