BBC Radio stations

Hi all - here’s a list of the new BBC Radio station streams. @volumio it would be great to update them in the Volumio Selection too…

**BBC Radio 1**

**BBC Radio 1Xtra**

**BBC Radio 2**

**BBC Radio 3**

**BBC Radio 4**

**BBC Radio 4LW**

**BBC Radio 4 Extra**

**BBC Radio 5 Live**

**BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra**

**BBC Radio 6 Music**

The above streams are restricted to the UK. For the international stream when available,
replace /uk/ with /nonuk/ and /sbr_med/ with /sbr_low/ or /sbr_vlow/.

Different bitrates are available by replacing /sbr_med/ with /sbr_vlow/ = 48k /sbr_low/ = 96k
or UK only: /sbr_med/ = 128k /sbr_high/ = 320k

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Tricky. Do they add the low quality links that work everywhere or the high quality ones for UK only? Or both?

Indeed though one, the high’s will only work for UK citizens and fail for all others. Maybe smarter to add them yourself under “my web radio’s”

This url works in the U.S.

These do not look like new streams. Just compared them to my presets and they are identical. Been around for years.

This will be of interest to those people currently streaming BBC HLS or dash radio from the above url’s.