BBC Radio stations

Hi all - here’s a list of the new BBC Radio station streams. @volumio it would be great to update them in the Volumio Selection too…

**BBC Radio 1**

**BBC Radio 1Xtra**

**BBC Radio 2**

**BBC Radio 3**

**BBC Radio 4**

**BBC Radio 4LW**

**BBC Radio 4 Extra**

**BBC Radio 5 Live**

**BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra**

**BBC Radio 6 Music**

The above streams are restricted to the UK. For the international stream when available,
replace /uk/ with /nonuk/ and /sbr_med/ with /sbr_low/ or /sbr_vlow/.

Different bitrates are available by replacing /sbr_med/ with /sbr_vlow/ = 48k /sbr_low/ = 96k
or UK only: /sbr_med/ = 128k /sbr_high/ = 320k


Tricky. Do they add the low quality links that work everywhere or the high quality ones for UK only? Or both?

Indeed though one, the high’s will only work for UK citizens and fail for all others. Maybe smarter to add them yourself under “my web radio’s”

This url works in the U.S.

These do not look like new streams. Just compared them to my presets and they are identical. Been around for years.

This will be of interest to those people currently streaming BBC HLS or dash radio from the above url’s.

More changes to BBC radio streams :angry:
see [for example]
and for possible help BBC Radio Streams · GitHub
and finally, from the BBC [not much help] Information for third parties regarding changes to BBC Live radio streaming | BBC Sounds
C’est la vie …

I have success with the following URLs

BBC radio 3

BBC radio 4

BBC radio 4 extra

BBC Newcastle

BBC Berkshire


Hi here’s a full list of the BBC radio stations for UK use at high quality that I got working. These haven’t stuttered like the Github list— however, Radio 5 and 6 music return errors. Hoping someone has a fix for 5 and 6.

I got Radio 5 to work without stutters (although there are some audio clicks here and there by removing the rewind on URL - so:

UPDATE - likewise Radio 5 -

Thanks! I’ve taken out the norewind part on all the urls and it is definitely better in terms of stuttering. Also it’s now playing live (with norewind in the URL, the stream was about half a minute behind).

Yep works for 6 Music too.

Not sure what possessed me to try removing 'no rewind ’ but bingo.

I’m still using the LSTN links (which appear to forward to the official URLs so god knows why they are stutter-free) for the other stations BBC 1 to 4 but I imagine removing ‘norewind’ will fix these too. I’d be interested to hear from others if this is the case!

I also notice that using LSTN links allows the 'Play’and ‘STOP’ buttons in Volumio to function correctly, whereas the ‘official’ links cause these buttons to freeze. Has anyone else found this problem?

Actually - this isn’t working. There seems to be a delay on the ‘norewind’ removed link of a few hours! Back to square 1

BBC Radio 5 Live link:

and BBC Radio 6 Music

These seem to work!!! Thanks @Newbiggen