BBC Radio MP3 & M3U Feed Changes

As of the 22 of March 2021 the BBC are discontinuing the radio feeds that are used in the Volumio selection under web radio. There are new m3U feeds (example below) and these can be added as My Web Radio and they do play, however they cannot be stopped, the play / pause / stop button does not function correctly, the only way to stop them is to play another stream or music from the library. BBC radio is very important to many Volumio users and the Volumio selections for BBC stations should be updated to the new hi quality feeds.

Thanks Chris

Radios are fetched from TuneIn. So we can expect links to be updated from here. To be confirmed, :wink:

Sadly Tunein have problems with BBC radio too so this is unlikely to happen. see link below

Yeah i put the beta vers on a spare device hoping it might have changed sadly not.

Apparently feeds for BBC that will work after 22nd March can be found here. I found this on this forum here.
Certainly the MP3 streams work as expected. Though strangely the statin badge is badly fitted in the album art box on the play back page. The AAC streams seem to play, but are unable to be stopped from the via the play button.

Yes that’s what I’ve found

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