BBC Radio Feeds

Hi all,

Been using Volumio for ages, with BBC radio working just fine. using variations of this theme:-

All well and good until the BBC stopped broadcasting the aac streams this week.

I have bodged together a solution using mp3 streams in m3u playlists… from urls like this:- which is Okaaaay… but limited. Apart from inferior quality, the problem is that these are international streams, that automaticlaly blank sports broadcasts where bbc doesnt hold international rights.

The new HLS feeds are available here:

Question is… how I get these HLS working with Volumio?


yields a bbc_radio_one.m3u8 file (?) with the folowing contents:


but the m3u8 file doesnt show up in Volumio gui.
knocking off the 8 lets it show up in the gui, but it wont play (I didnt really think it would be that easy, but you never know)

Any suggestions now would be most welcome. I cant be the only person wrestleing with this right now. :smiley:


Reading the forums over on DS, explains a lot about what happened.

DS is a great source of information but the s/n ratio is a bit too high sometimes.

I’m using v1.5 on a cubie, and yes couldn’t get the streams to work so also wonder if there’s at least a patch on the way to help us?

… now off to read a bit more about chuncked HTTP delivery…


It’s worth looking over at the Squeezebox forums, in the Third Party Software forum. In the BBC iPlayer thread, there’s a description of how the Squeezebox community have got around this whole debacle. As far as I can tell, it requires FFMPEG to be installed, and an LMS plugin, which essentially tells LMS to use FFMPEG when it encounters an HLS stream. It works very well on my LMS which is running on a QNAP NAS.
There is also a list of all the HLS URLs, which the BBC don’t want to tell us about!


Simon fixed this if you are using MinimServer and Streamer … 173&page=4

It works a treat!

so…is there a way to listen to BBC radio 3 (high quality stream) using volumio 0.55?

Just wondering if there is a solution to playing BBC stations in Volumio?

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