BBB vs. Rpi-B+ - comparison & issues: help w/ 'pops'?

I have now been able to do a head-to-head comparison of the BBB running volumio 1.4 and the R-pi-B and R-pi=B+ running v. 1.4 and 1.4.1 respectively, and I wondered if anyone had experienced the same issues I had.

– Using a DragonFly DAC then (this is std. I think, but ought to be highlighted for others perhaps):
(i) It must be explicitly unmuted by using sudo alsamixer
– NFS mount over gigabit ethernet.

The real problem is that no matter how much buffer time I give the system, or how much read/write size I give to the NFS mount,
I experience (digital) pops and clicks. They are much more frequent with 24/96Khz material, but are present even @ 44.1kHz.

In contrast, with Rune audio with the same hardware setup, I experience no such sonic problems.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this under volumio?

I have experienced the same problem recently with RPI B + Volumio 1.4 + USB DAC PS Audio PerfectWave with 16 bit 44kHz. I had the same result with a NAS Mount and USB Mount.

I get a clean sound out of The same RPI with an i2s board connected (IQAudioPIDAC, Wolfson Audio Card).

USB Issue ? Is there any difference between the Rune Audio & Volumio USB Sept Up ?

I doesn’t seem that there are any usb differences, from the outside.
What I don’t know is how the kernel in Rune differs from that in Volumio.
I will take a look at the mpd configuration, etc. – but it’s hard to wade
through so much software.
It would be very useful for michaelangelo to perhaps write a brief note
about how the two systems differ.

Agree. Also link to another poster with same results. I’m testing RuneAudio now will let you know how I get on.

I confirm Back to Back with same 24bit/96kHz AIFF file and Network Loading. Playback from same NAS Mount.

RPi Model B + Volumio 1.4 + Audilab Q-DAC : Get regulars pops & clicks

RPi Model B + RuneAudio 0.3 + Audilab Q-DAC : Clean


Thank you - this is extremely helpful! - this is precisely what I experience sound-wise using the 3 usb dacs that
i have tried: DragonFly, Behringer 202a, and the HifiMeDIY USB Dac.

IMHO, at this point, we really do need some systematic thinking, possibly from one of the developers, that
would improve this situation with respect to USB DACs and Volumio. I’d be happy to help.