Battery Power Supply for Allo Piano + Kali +Pi3

Hello folks,

my setup consists of an Piano+Kali+Pi3 running together with the Allo 3A PSU. To be more flexible, I would like to have the possibility to run the setup with a battery power supply. Does anyone have any experiences in doing so?
Can I use a standard power bank to do so, or do I need/should use special batteries(+wiring)?
What’s the power consumption of the setup? 3A seems to be quite high for a power bank…

Thanks for your input!!!


Hello, anker power banks are sufficient, they provide 3A, you will need barrel to usb power cable

I’ve read a little bit about this topic. Seems that the question is, if the PowerBank/Battery can supply stable 5 V. Those PowerBanks’ voltage often drops down to 4.6 while decharging… This can be handled by my phone (which is transforming back to 3.7 anyway) but might be insufficient for the Pi

I am talking based on a personal experience, the power bank was able to drive the pi and the hifiberry just fine.

So I’ll try it with the Anker PowerCore 20100 mAh… If it’s not working at least I have a nice powerbank :wink: