Basic MyVolumio help - how to control player

MyVolumio was working fine with my Allo DigiOne but recently when I went to use it at all I see is my profile page. The player is listed and enabled but there is nothing else I can do from that page. I can’t find any options to control the DigiOne - how do I do it.
I cannot remeber what was different before when it worked, don’t know if something changed or my memory is poor :neutral_face:

Thanks in advance

If there is a play icon on your player, in the list, click on it and you can control it

Thanks Michelangelo. I was viewing myvolumio from a tablet, it showed the player but did not have a play button. Eventually, I rebooted the player and logged back into myvolumio from the player and everything is now working and I see the play button from my tablet. Note that the myvolumio login from volumio on the player is not obvious (to me, at least) and I went through all the options at least twice before I found it.

Thanks again,