Banana Pi M2+

I know if it is possible to install volumium in Banana Pi M2 + (CPU Allwinner H3. · ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-core like the chipset Orange pi PC).
I’d like to know if it made a method to install Raspbian 32 bit to make it possible to use on all H5 devices.
Its possible…?

I made a compilation whith a volumio build script from github inside of armbian but the image of 2.9Gb dont run in emmc or in a card.
Any sugestion…?

I’m really sorry you fell into the same trap others already did, I have now closed it.
There has been an error with the armbian builds for a while now, but it has not been fixed.
The person who introduced armbian for the necessary kernel files does not seem to maintain the scripts.

I’m aware of and use armbian at occasions, but do not have the time to fix scripts other people created.
The armbian track, though potentially a great thing, has now been suspended until someone is willing to support it.

Long story short: there is currently no Banana PI M2+ support and is not going to happen soon either…

Please what a sequense of commads I have to do to make a image…?

To see if I forget someting.

There is no documentation for building a Volumio image using Armbian and I do not have the time to guide you through it.
The Armbian people will not be able to help either, because they do not know the requirements to build Volumio.
I’m sorry but we had to disable support for the Armbian build scripts due to existing issues and missing support.
Eventually the build scripts will disappear, unless the initiator will revive them.