Bamboo / Carbon Fiber Volumio Case w/ 7 in Lcd

This is my first working prototype for a volumio case, I will post my others after I finish them

– Bamboo and Carbon Fiber Glass Structure.
– Suptronics x5000 Dac
– Raspberry Pi 3
– 7 In Raspberry Foundations Lcd
– 19.4v 4.74 Amp Power Supply

Let me know what you think. Need Ideas for Version 2

Looking sharp bud! :slight_smile:

Hi, great job, it would be possible to incorporate an amplifier inside. I really like it, it would be possible to have more photos of the interior, or more information about the components and assembly process, thanks…

Thanks for the feedback, I’m very happy how it came out. I’m designing the next version, having the ability to use the dac built in amplifier so you can use 35 watt amplifier or line out, adding cooling fan to keep amplifier/raspberry pi cool and sliming the case height down 1/2 inch.

Currently researching atx power switch that will cycle unit off when it shuts down, and possible adding dual magic eye vacuum tube for vu meter.

My goal is to make 4 different versions

I will upload build photos soon

Thank you, looking forward to news, congratulations…

I’ve been researching equipment to actually produce bamboo enclosures, CNC, laser engraver

I just think bamboo stands out compared to metal or acrylic

What’s your thoughts?

My idea was from the bamboo too, I think it would be good as I have seen in other projects include an amplifier inside, even if possible a few speakers as I have seen in other projects, the idea of doing an all in one and do not need anything extra.