Balance control

A balance control on the GUI, which keeps its setting even when changing the overall volume would be great.

SSHing into Volumio and using Alsamixer is tedious, and has to be repeated every time after changing the master volume.
Thanks! Martin



I am really interested in a plugin that could do this :open_mouth:

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A very good idea for those people who have mixed-use listening rooms and so asymmetric speaker setups with respect to their main listening position, like me. I suspect that would be a pretty big chunk of volumio users.

Ideally I would like it to work in combination with softvolume. It can be done from the command line at present (via alsamixer for example), but it isn’t convenient, and a reboot kills all changes. My playback chain doesn’t have volume or LR balance knobs. I have a DAC followed by a DIY power amp that is either on or off.

One possibility (I guess) would be an entry in the volumio settings somewhere, for example.
Like this
left channel : 80%
right channel :100%
And then apply that balance change permanently, whether or not softvolume is used.

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I have a bose amp that doesn’t have balance control.

In Pi musicbox is posible in this way:

"Edited /opt/musicbox/
in 245 line change from:
amixer set -c $CARD “$CTL” 96% unmute > /dev/null 2>&1 || true
amixer set -c $CARD “$CTL” 96%,80% unmute > /dev/null 2>&1 || true
(96% to left channel, 80% to right) – works great. Sorry for bothering. "

is there any way to transfer this option to Volumio since it is based on the same Mpd base?