Bad sound quality

I did try to report this in the git section but it seems to get ignored so i try to make a post about it here instead see if someone response to it…

I thanked it was wrong on my speakers first but it seems like that not is the case.

When you come turn on the music over a level it start to sound bad, i don´t now more how to explain it but it makes small sounds that not should be there and it could make you think that its something wrong on the speaker.

Anyway i come up whit the solution to try send the music direct from the computer using S/PDIF from the computer direct to the receiver and used Winamp to stream the music to it so i did try that and that sounds all good.

Ok so then we found out its not the speakers and not the receiver that make this problem great news!

So ether its the bad HDMI cable that used in the Raspberry Pie or Raspberry Pie itself or the software used in this case “Volumio 2”.

So i did try play the same song whit Kodi and everything sound good and no bad sound come out from the speakers so that leave us to the fact that something wrong when you try to play loud music whit the Volumio 2 system and that has to be fixed in some way i have not found any settings ether that can make this happen but maybe i have miss something i don´t know…

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The Pi by itself w/o additional DAC board has bad sound…the timers on it are not audio and the sound suffers as a result.

Are you using digital audio over HDMI?

I have Rpi connected directly to an I2S DAC.
I’m using Spotify. Most tracks sound good, some very, very good for 320Kbits. Perhaps the balance is a little too the left though??

A few tracks are just weird. For example The Rolling Stones - Can’t you hear me knocking, the opening guitar riff should be totally in your face in the right hand speaker…
On Rpi -> I2S DAC is sounds recessed about 20m behind the speakers in a closed box!
Other tracks sound echoey and vocals or instruments wrongly placed.
It’s as if all the information is there, just the DAC can’t put it in the right place.
Why some tracks and not others I don’t know.

I’m hoping a Kali reclocker I’ve got coming will fix it…

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Hi! Here I had the same problem (scratchy, bad noises in some frequency) with Volumio 3. After further investigation I figured out that the root cause will be the Volumio system volume. If you set to 100% the system volume and after volume up the amplifier you will recognize this noise.
Solution: set the Volumio system sound in the app approximately 50% instead of max volume and after volume up on the amplifier.
For me that was the problem, hope yours will be also solved!

Hi @Bence_Boda, if it works for you, that’s great. Maybe you have a level matching difference with your amp. 100% sounds exactly the same on my amp at quarter to on the volume knob as 50% at 5 to. I have a second system connected to a Tivoli radio amp/speaker and that does buzz, but can be improved by playing with the volume settings. That is a gain problem with that device, not a Volumio one.