Background noise when Volumio 2 not playing


I’ve an RPI + Hifiberry digi + card and I’ve just switched to Volumio 2.
Output is configured with

  • DACHifiberry DAC
  • I2S DAC = On
  • Dac model = Hifiberry Digi

When I boot I hear starting sound than nothing during a couple of sec and then a background sound continuously
If I start a song everything is fine but when song finished I hear same background sound continuously as well until I play a new song.

This was not the case with volume 1.55 and same equipment.

Is one of you has/confirm this issue?



To be accurate, the background sound is the same than could heard on hold tv when no signal and “snow display” :smiley: .

PS : so nice the UI.



I figure out how to explain you what I mean by “background” noise.

If you unplug spdif from RPI and turning on amp, you should hear what I call “background” noise (probably not the right wording).
Anyway, this is exactly what I hear once Volumio is not playing music.

This was not the case in 1.55.

Any idea? I feel a bit alone :unamused:


The phrase you’re looking for is “white noise”.

I’m not sure if that’s a software related problem because I know it happens i.e. with Raspberry Pi 2 / IQaudIO DAC+ and OSMC as well. Noise could be introduced through a faulty power supply or another component hooked up to the amp. Maybe you should try disconnecting everything but the Pi or hooking it up to another stereo for testing?


Thank you asddsa. So did what you propose and finally once everything unplugged white sound is still there.

I ask this day to Atoll - my amp builder - some information.

This is their answer : “card is not supposed to not be plug and is not managing flow cut comparing to an external DAC which is doing. This is surprising the flow is cut between songs played by volumio”

According what I was written some days ago, I did not get this pb with 1.55 and I think the difference is there : volume 2 do not send flow as of songs are not playing while 1.55 was doing.

Probably a question Michelangelo or Volumio devlopper should answer.

Thank in advance


up :wink: