Background image on Pi

Hello just installed the latest version of Volumio and having a little problem where if i change the background image it shows up on my PC ok but it never shows up on the Pi 7" screen its just grey

Wow! I love your image!!!
This is a bug and we’ll fix it. Does it help if you reboot? Or just disable and re-enable the plugin… Let me know

I really love your image. If it’s made by you, what about including in the backgrounds included with Volumio?

Have tried turning off , uninstalling and most things i can think of but it never shows up will try doing a clean install just to see but it’s a pain with the screen as you have to take the thing apart to get at the SD card

Your more than welcome to use the image its not the best as its a bit out of focus but i like it :slight_smile:

To solve it, try to change the image background directly from the touchscreen.AKA:
load the image from your pc
select another background
go with the touchscreen and select this image. You’ll see it will work

let me know

We’ll solve that in a future release

That sort of works but then it turns the image off on the PC which i then have to re-add on the PC and they both show the image but when i do a restart the image doesn’t show on the Pi screen

Cheers for the help and looking forward to the fix in the next build :slight_smile: