back to Volumio but questions

hello everyone,
i am back from other pastures and want to give Volumio another try.
installed ok but have several startup questions:

my system is RPi 3+ with allo digione and 7" hdmi touch screen.
question 1)
the boot is stuck on a login prompt. how do i bypass this?
have installed spotify, connect2 and squeezelite.
but where is javalite?
allo digione sounds great playing music off local LMS.
spotify app does see the Volumio device but when played, there is no sound and
local music continues to play.
is there a basic conflict with squeezelite and other sources?
once i get past the boot login bypass,
will LXDE appear?

thanks for your help…

This is normal behaviour. Volumio is intended as a headless system accessed by a browser on some other device.

Javalite is not a part of the Volumio distribution.

No, see answer to q1. You need to install the ‘Touch Display’ plugin if you want to display the Volumio UI on your touch screen.

You might be more likely to get a response to your q3 if you add it to the existing Spotify Connect thread.

thank you for your clear answers.
i now fully realize that Volumio is for headless operation and
for Volumio UI.
so i am back ‘on the road’ again…