Autoupdate MPD database

In the menu unter playback theres an option for autoupdate of the MPD database. Does this work? How does this work?

I activated it but changes made on my NAS mounted to Volumio where never recongnized. Neither during runtime nor when performing a reboot.


Not sure about the webapp but if you are comfortable with ssh / commandline…I ended up setting up a cron job to run every hour that just executes the ‘mpc update’ command.

Hi disp,

it an option in volumio’s settings to activate automatic MPD update. But I think it doesn’t work.

Can you describe in more detail what you did setting up the cron job? ssh is no problem.


I connected via SSH and I ran the following command.

‘crontab -e’ to open crontab for the current user.
Then I added the line ‘9 * * * * mpc update’ which will cause mpc to update the mpd database on the 9th minute of every hour.
Then save the file and you can run ‘crontab -l’ to confirm the change took…then it should just execute the command based on your inputs.