Autostart last radiostream

Installed Volumio and was impressed by the overall quality of the UI and the (for a Pi) reasonable fast startup.
A nice improvement would be that when I turn on the radio that there was an option to start (just after or even instead of the startupsound) the radio stream that was playing when last time the Pi was switched off.

It’s a bit annoying that I always have to take my phone or tablet to start a stream. You must know that I want to use the Volumio-Pi as a blackbox radio with nothing more than a volume control and an on/off switch. After switching on the radio should simply start to play…

I also need that feature, because i only want to play the same webradio-stream all the time.

At the moment, i realized this by using the webradio-stream as the only entry in the playlist and using the following lines in the rc.local

sleep 180
/volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/volumio_command_line_client/ next

So everytime i startup my raspberry, the radiostream is played after, for about, 3 minutes.

But now i have the problem, when the raspberry looses the network-connection, the stream wont replay any more. i have to press stop and Play again ob the webinterface, or i have to restart the pi. Thats annoying.

Please add such a function.

Best regards

Autostart/resume playback after reboot/shutdown would be really nice indeed!

Autoplay plugin maybe ?

Installed it and working great with x86! Thanks! :sunglasses:
This plugin should be on the “built in” list!

I don’t use it … that’s the beauty of plugins :wink:

Yes of course, but what I meant was it should be searchable from “plugins management” :slight_smile:
There are only 2 plugins at the moment, Spotify and Youtube.