Automatically default to toslink input if nothing else is playing

Hi there,

I’m new to volumio and I’m trying to figure out is there a way to automatically default to toslink input if nothing else is playing. The goal here is to feed the signal from my TV to Volumio (toslink input for the purpose of room correction) if no media is playing directly in volumio or via spotify connect. I already have the superstar account etc.

In addition to that, is there a way to switch an input through curl requests (api) (something I could integrate with home assistant)?

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“Anyone?”, typically shows signs of “I just can’t wait”.
Seriously, a way to get/select a toslink spdif input into volumio does not exist at the moment.
Wait and see…

Thanks for the info and yes you are right, I guess I misunderstood the information about availability of digital input for superstar members.


What is the current situation with this feature? The superstar plan seems to have digital input support, but how does the input switching work?

I was planning to do the exact same thing mentioned in this thread: TV Optical Out → Volumio for room correction → Optical in of my integrated amp.

Is volumio able to automatically switch to the TVs output if no music is playing? The reason for asking is that I have the patience to configure my devices for different uses, but can’t say the same for my family members. They just want to turn on the TV and hear create audio or just use their phone’s browser to start playing music.