Automatic resuming of webradios in case of internet drop-outs


I am heavy user of Volumio (have 20 or so premium subscriptions) and primarily use Volumio to stream web radio stations. I’m experiencing a persistent and painful issue where the web radio / streams drop out intermittently. The remedy for re-initiating the audio is to go to the Volumio system via the pi or the Volumio iOS app and play the stream again. This causes huge head aches as these streams are operating on an environment where audio is required at all times. Is there any way to build in functionality into the OS that where this issue occurs it can automatically re-connect to the stream and re-initiate the playing of the stream without any human interaction?

Something like this code I found called Radiodawg (GitHub - timolex/Radiodawg: Radiodawg Volumio webradio watchdog) perhaps? Are there any plans to build this functionality into the core OS code?

If this needs to be built as a plug-in… can you direct me to any developers that I can contact to engage to build it.



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Yes, related, but this thread doesn’t give me any answers to my questions…