Automatic Integer Resampling for DAC limitations

Hi all! I’m new to raspberry pi and volumio but I’m enjoying it so much. I have a rpi 3b+ with a hifiberry digi+ and I have it outputting via optical out to my mark levinson no. 360 dac. Its an old dac and limited up to 24/96 pcm. My question is, is there a way for volumio to do integer resampling? i.e. downsample files greater than 96khz to either 88.2 or 96khz? (so that my dac natively supports it). I have some flac files that are 24/192 and I can’t play them without turning on the resampling on volumio and setting the target rate to 96khz. The problem then is everything gets resampled to 96khz. I was hoping to find a solution that converts higher sample rates in integers (similar to audirvana) so that resampling doesn’t affect supported native resolutions (i.e. not upsample 44.1/48khz to 96khz). Basically I was hoping to find a bit-perfect solution while also downsampling higher resolution flac files to my dac’s limited support.

Thanks in advance! (And I’m sorry if this was already asked - I couldn’t find a post similar to this)

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Hi, no such features in Volumio. Sorry.

Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully it could be implemented as a feature in the future.