Automatic Backup and Sync

All your favourites, Playlists and webradios are automatically synced to all your devices and backed-up to a secure location, ready to be restored whenever you set-up a new MyVolumio device.

I understood from this extract about Backup and Sync that playlists and webradio stations would be synced across my Volumio installs?

Nothing is being synced across any of them, or did I understand wrong?

What does it actually do?

I have the Superstar yearly plan this was one of the reason why I upgraded to MyVolumio.


Hi Eberts, are your devices showing up in

Hi thanks for your reply, yes all 4 show up in

The only thing that I would say even though I have paid and the money has gone out on the 22 May for the Superstar plan it still says I am In Trial Period. Not sure if that has got anything to do with it?

Seems as though this should be working OK. I think that I would try for support directly via the form at

Thank you for your help. I will try that next.

I must apologize: just discovered that there is a regression in the cloud sync. It will be fixed ASAP in the next release