Auto volume normalization


Is it possible to automatically normalize the sound?
When the songs have different volumes.

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As on March, 2023 there are following methods

  1. Replay Gain inclusion at metadata
    This can be done convenintly through Use of mp3gain progrom on PC (freeware) to write replaygain data at meta data of track (or album) without changing any music data i.e music will be as original. If the player is compatible with this repaly gain data stored at metadata will play the music file with normalised volumes.
    They are large no of players with this capability e.g Foobar2000 (PC version also has it’s own loudness scanner), Music folder player (Android), USB Audio player pro (Android), AIMP, Winamp (it also has loudness scanner), VLC , Neutron Music Player (Android), PowerAmp (Android) etc.

  2. Or use AIMP for Android or PC (PC version’s UI is not user friendly at present) for Real-time auto loudness normalisation e.g at andoid version by making ON replay gain at options >sound effects > options > Volume Narmalization>Replay Gain > tick each option on > tick (ok). Some times it misses by few milliseconds at new track.

3, Experince Sharing on Android with Viper4Android on spare phone Xiaomi mi5 Android 10, lineage 17.1 to Bluetooth Aptx to Avantree to Amplifier (Phone Volume 40 to 70%)

a)Enable “Master limiter”

Output -0db
Output pan 50:50
Threshold limit 0dB

b)Enable “FET Compressor” with the following settings

operator threshold to -60dB (or -50 to -60dB)
Compression ratio to 10.00:1, (or higher like 20:1 upto infinite)
Automatic Knee untick it,
inflection: 10.8dB
inflection point gain 2.00x,
Automatic Gain-Untick,
Automatic Gain 25.6dB (or 20 to 40dB it will be more effective but in relation with operator threshold )
Automatic attack, untick
Attack to 10ms. (0.1 to 12ms)
Max attack 200ms, (10 to 250ms)
Automatic Release untick
Release 20 ms (0.2 to 25 ms)
Max Release 250 ms (2 to 300ms)
Crest 20dB,
Adapt 2639
Clipping prevention Tick

it is able to normalize loudness automatically on tested audio volume 88.8dB and 105.2 db as identified by MP3Gain PC software.

(i) Even after Audio Modification libraries (AML) is installed, it needs SoundFX to be disabled. It is working on Legacy Mode.However it works along with Dolby Atmos.

(ii) James DSP is having Dynamic Range Compressor, but not having options to provide necessary inputs /it is not having them built in, it is not able to work as auto volume normalizer.

(iii) Any DSP expected to impure or introduce artifacts to the audio, we may not be able compensate by tweaking with v4a etc to the original.If you enjoy your ownway, you may like it. Further if the function of Auto loudness / Auto volume level /auto volume normalization is at top priority , it suceeds to great extend android across the system.

(iv) There is no auto loudness normalisation in Dolby Atmos in current versions.

in my case:
The Viper4Android rootless type installed from TWRP (as magisk module is infinitely trying for installation of driver) even after installing Selinux 11, AML 4.2, Lineage’s SoundFX disabler.

at present UNINSTALLER for above is not readily avaialble (I am removing with refreshing with same Lineage 17.1, there is no data loss / app loss is involved except system files/data will be replaced to fresh)

  1. or Foobar2000 PC
    Use “EBU or R128 Normalizer” plugin for Real-time auto loudness normalisation and adding this at DSP from preference settings. It is working ok.

  2. or If you are on windows 10 with Realtek audio , install 2012 driver v6.0.1.6767, Date 30-10-2012 (old driver) it will give options “Enhancements" select loudness equalization ’ (some times ,for Real-time auto loudness normalisation . it my take initial few milliseconds to normalise, further the driver may get updated when ever PC is connected to internet). This is realtime as well as across the system.

  3. PC through installation of VST adapter, and adding this adapter to DSP compnent to Foobar and using avaialble VST plug in. At present volume normalzer for play purpose is not yet developed .

  4. PC through VST3
    Install VST3 plugin e.g The Normalizer by FinalLoud by TBPro Audio VST3 manager. They are in advanced audio creation (DAW) etc. It will do permanent changes to music.

  5. Many online streaming services have this AVL is built-in.