Auto-recovery of the system

Hi all,
Quite often, as a working solution to many bugs encountered by users, I read something like “eventually I reflashed the SD card, set-up Volumio from scratch and it worsk”…
I mysel am now reflashing the SD card for the fifth time, because I cannot acces Volumio over http (neither browser, nor Android app). Again I can reach it over SSH, so Linux itself is up, but something prevents normal operation, being discoverable over DNS, reaching over HTTP etc.

Could you please add a feature, to recover whole system without a need to reflash? This would need to be runnable over console, possibly a bash script. There should be more than enough space on any SD card to create an image of the system. Then we would need a tool that would verify integrity of the system (optional), a tool to check integrity of the image itself (before re-flash), then a witty script, that would overwrite the whole system (maybe even bitwise) from an image stored on the same SD card.

Please consider this,
Thanks a lot!

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well this feature is already in place, you can follow this guide on any Volumio-based system.

it will perform a factory-reset without the need of re-flashing the SD-card.

please be aware: if the problem is a faulty SD-card, it could not work as expected