Audiophonics RaspTouch and Volumio?


Will I be able run Volumio as a music server on an Audiophonics RaspTouch I-Sabre ES9028Q2M - Streamer Touch with Volume Control?
See … 12181.html

Will I be able to use the RP1 touch screen to control Volumio?

I’m planning to connect the RaspTouch to an old Yamaha AV Receiver. Then play my collection of albums ripped to Flac 16/44 music files stored on a Western Digital Elements 4TB USB3 external powered hard drive.

Would I be able to connect the RaspTouuch to the network via Wi-Fi, or will it have to be connected via an Ethernet cable?

Are there any tips and tricks for a newbie that I would need to know to get such a setup to work?

Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.