AUDIOPHONICS RaspDAC I-Sabre V3 - Install a plugin


I recently change my streamer/dac to an audiophonics dac, in fact the following: … 11136.html

However the lcd screenand oled don’t work.

I have to install this plugin: … f2b1fa8a4b

But the latest version of Volumio don’t give the possibility to install a plugin anymore.

Is that true?

How to install the plugin?

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To ensure that end-users get the best possible experience with plugins, it has been decided that plugins should be submitted for publication before they appear listed in the Volumio UI.

It is still possible to upload and install plugins from the CLI, and directions are given in the Audiophonics Github link you posted above.

Hi chisms 1,

Yeah I try to use ssh with Putty but Putty gives me the following message:

Network error conneciton refused.

I have checked the ip adress of my volumio, in vain!

if you browse to your Volumio machine, add /dev to the URL (after the IP-address) and enable SSH :wink:

Hello Saiyato,

Thank you, I succeeded to install the plugin;
I managed it with autologging on putty

Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t fit to fix the lcd screen…

Erm, isn’t that plugin for the DAC not the LCD?? Try the ‘Touch display’ plugin.

Afaik, that’s the plugin for the DAC and the small OLED LCD screen to show minimal information like sampling info and volume.

Ok, that’s not clear on the Github site, but I suggest that you raise an issue there.

I thought it had to do with the driver needed for the new 9028-card, this one:

See their forum thread.

Hallo together,

I have a similar proplem, but my DAC is the Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 DAC ES9023 with additional Power Button.
There’s no plugin on Audiophonics GitHub,com to use this combination with Volumio.
The switch flashes permanently and turning off the Raspi with the switch does not work.

The only plugin on the GitHub is the Volumio2_I-sabre9028_plugin. But this does not work. :angry:
I probably need a plugin for the 9023 version.

Does anyone have a solution to it?

Best Regards


I created a plugin for that, it’s called the audiophonicsonoff plugin. It’s awaiting approval by Volumio, after which you will find it in the “store”.

I’m on my phone now, so can’t link to my other post easily, will do that later on.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Totally forgot to link to the plugin last night, but here it is.

Solutionfor the power button: … 967&p=7991

Aber nur in französisch… :slight_smile:

Hallo Saiyato,

the link does not work. Is there a other way for downloading the plugin?

Best regards

Mea culpa, updated the link :wink:

Hello there!

I have gone in britany for a big weeke and then I come back!

So there is an plugin in awaiting approval for that?

The audiophonics team propose me the following plugin

the version Rapdac 0.0.2 (or 0.0.3)

Do you tried to instal it via Putty?
tschuko, have you tried?


No, but thank you for your Suggestion.
I will try IT.

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That plugin is actually the source of mine, I just removed the LCD part, because pydPiper has better support for canvases.
Apart from that, it works perfectly for both the on-off button and the LCD screen.

Hello sayaito,

So how do you manually install it? Because it’s not possible to download directly a plugin or Volumio.

With putty by SSH?
I use the command “git clone” but putty said me that the plugin is not found.

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